Topographical Survey Division


Topographical Survey Division is the Geodetic Agency and the main producer of national spatial data infrastructure. It also validates national horizontal and vertical datum. It ensures accuracy and strengthens surveying techniques and technologies, creates up to date and accurate fundamental geospatial data and topographical database.

Mandates and functions of Topographical Survey Division


  • Topographical, geodetic, geophysical surveys and calibration of instruments


  • Establish and validate of the national network of horizontal control points, establish height networks, carry out high precision geodetic surveys.
  • Collect and maintain up-to-date fundamental topographic and geodetic data for establishment of national geospatial database.
  • Carry out topographical surveys, provide low precision control points and demarcate administrative boundaries including international boundary.
  • Carry out calibration of instruments
  • Manage Center for GIS coordination
  • Carry out geospatial works on paid basis
  • Carry out an inventory of state land
  • Acquire satellite imageries/aerial/terrestrial photographs

Core products and services


  • Digital Topographical Maps
  • Ground control points
  • Height benchmarks
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEMs)
  • Thematic Topographical Maps
  • Image maps
  • GNSS data


  • Geodetic Surveying
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Calibration of Instruments
  • Provision of ground control points
  • Provision of height benchmarks
  • Administrative Boundary demarcation
  • Geodetic and geophysical surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Engineering surveys
  • Photogrammetric processes
  • Production of topographic, thematic and orthophoto maps


i. Divisions
ii. International Boundary
iii. Dzongkhags and Thromdes

i. All the ministries
ii. DGPC
iii. DHPS
iv. DDM
v. ECB
vi. NSB
vii. Individual land owners

Key stakeholders

i. Divisions
ii. Local Government
iii. Courts
iv. Anti Corruption Commission
v. Royal Bhutan Police

Organizational structure

Organizational Structure of Topographical Survey Division

Strengths, weakness, challenges in delivering the services and products

Strengths, weakness, challenges in delivering the services and products

Linkage of service/products to the overall vision, mission of NLC

State-of-art technology for efficient service delivery
Geodetic infrastructure and fundamental data for land management