Circular on eSakor Data Migration


The NLCS has revamped the current eSakor land conveyance system and developed the system similar to Urban eCitizen portal called as eSakor portal where the landowners can apply transaction online. Additional features like viewing of historic data of NCRP Kappa, endorsement, transaction documents and map are also added as additional features.

The eSakor portal shall be launched on 9th December 2018, thereafter, all the land sector officials will be trained on the system. However, the current eSakor and new eSakor portal cannot run in parallel as it would have data duplications and, therefore, the data will have to be migrated and make ready on the launch by the HQ, NLCS.

As the mitigation measure, the rural eSakor users are instructed to follow the following steps as:

  1. Try to clear all the pending transactions in the eSakor system latest by 8th December 2018. After which the current eSakor system shall be disabled;
  2. The pending transactions which could not be completed shall be recorded and transferred to the new eSakor portal;
  3. The new transactions which would entail more time shall be carried out only through the new eSakor portal;
  4. After the training is imparted, the new eSakor portal shall be used. The current eSakor data shall be maintained under the history section of the new eSakor Portal; and
  5. The date and venue for the training shall be intimated accordingly. Therefore, the esakor users are hereby instructed to adhere to the mitigation measures without fail

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