Certified Cadastral Surveyors and Certified Land Conveyancers 

Unemployment is a growing concern for everybody. Parents wish to see their children educated and then gainfully employed. Youth aspire to complete their education and find jobs which are sources of their satisfaction and livelihood. Expectations and hopes of our youth should be fulfilled by creating meaningful jobs.” – His Majesty’s National Day Address, 2013

Among land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship, land is one of the most important and basic factors of production. The National Land Commission Secretariat in its effort to enhance land related service delivery has developed the online land transaction system called “e-Sakor”. This is an advanced system which has features such as viewing data of NCRP Kappa, endorsements, transaction documents and maps. 

However, such an advanced and efficient service delivery system may not benefit the general population at large. Moreover, due to the bloated civil service, it is very difficult to recruit manpower. To this end, 42 unemployed graduates have been trained (26th November – 7th December, 2018) to facilitate and help citizens execute online land transactions through the ‘eSakor’ Portal. This will not only help to bridge the possible gaps to use the system, bolster public service delivery, keep the system functional at all times, but it would also provide a gainful employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to our unemployed graduates in some small ways. These trained general graduates were recognized as “Certified Land Conveyancers.” 

Later on, due to lack of cadastral surveyors on their side, expediting land transaction services as desired has been hampered. In order to fill this gap the NLCS in collaboration with MoLHR and other agencies has provided training on cadastral surveying to 33 youths who have graduated from Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Dewathang, from 6th to 18th May 2019. They are now certified to carry out cadastral survey works but their works will be subject to strict verification by the NLCS. These trained technical professionals are recognized as “Certified Cadastral Surveyors.” 

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