Land Lease

As per the Land Act 2007, “land lease means a state of tenure that confers only a right of use of the land for a defined period of time and does not imply the ownership of land.”

The land can be either private registered land or vacant state land. While the owner of the private registered land has right to lease or transact the land, the authority to approve leasing state land lies with the National Land Commission.

There are different categories of state land leasing, based on the purpose and tenure:

1) Lease of reverted Tsamdro (pastureland)
2) Lease of Sokshing (Leaf litter collection)
3) Lease for Commercial Agriculture (Orchard, diary, large-scale farm etc.)
4) Lease for Mining
5) Lease for Business
6) Lease for Development (Roads, telecommunication and power transmission towers etc.)
7) Lease for Social Activities

Different stakeholders and procedures are involved in processing different categories of lease. These are explained in detail here under:

Sequence of events for state land leasing for Mining
Proponent Submit proposal to the Department of Geology and Mines
Department of Geology and Mines Directs for feasibility study
Proponent Apply to the Dzongkhag Land Lease Committee (DLLC) if feasible
DLLC Carry out field verification
Carry out preliminary survey
Proponent Obtain forest clearance
Initiate public consultation
Obtain environment clearance
DLLC Discuss in the DYT if required
Submit to NLCS
NLCS (Lease Section) Documents checklist
Cadastral map verification
Check for river/stream buffer, critical watershed, biological corridor
Process approval
Issue land clearance or convey the decision
Proponent and Department of Geology and Mines Sign lease agreement
Dzongkhag Demarcate land and handover
Sequence of events for state land leasing for Business Activity
Sequence of events for state land leasing for Commercail Farm
Sequence of events for state land leasing for Developmental Activities


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