National Cadastral Resurvey Program (NCRP)

On the morning of 24th September, 2007 the National Land Commission received a Royal Command to carry out the nationwide cadastral resurvey.

His Majesty commanded: “land issues must be resolved once and for all – if we do not take it upon ourselves today to carry out a massive and all encompassing exercise, then like in the past we will only make small improvements on the existing system but leave the biggest problems unresolved and for future generations to suffer as we do.”

As per that Command the National Land Commission Secretariat carried out the National Cadastral Resurvey Program (NCRP) from June 2008 till December 2013 with following objectives:

To resolve all land issues

To strengthen land tenure system and security of ownership

To establish accurate, reliable and multipurpose land information system

To enhance land administration services and promote good governance

National Cadastral Resurvey Program Process:



National Cadastral Resurvey Program (NCRP)


Some images from NCRP