Human Resource Division

Human Resource Dvision is responsible to discharge services guided by the Civil Service Act of Bhutan (CSAB) 2010 and Bhutan Civil Service Rules and Regulations (BCSR) 2012. The HRD is mainly responsible for human resource management and human resource development of the Secretariat, Dzongkhag and Drungkhags.

As a part of Human resource management HRD has to:

  • Initiate development of personnel policies
  • Develop/review Staffing pattern/Strength for Secretariat /Dzongkhags/Drungkhags
  • Prepare human resource requirement projection and recruitment plans
  • Coordinate recruitment and selection of new staff as per requirement
  • Review & process promotion proposals on time
  • Facilitate inter-agency transfers

As part of Human resource development HRD has to:

  • Prepares plans for human resource development including training abroad and in-country.
  • Implement long-term trainings/fellowships abroad
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of HRD plans
  • Liaise with the Planning Commission & the Ministry of Finance to ensure the HRD plans are in accordance with the National Plan and for mobilization of resources.
  • Liaise with the RCSC/Agencies/Dzongkhags