Legal Division


The Legal Services was formed in July 2011to deal with numerous land disputes that surfaced during the nationwide cadastral resurvey. The Courts have stopped receiving land disputes directly and people approached NLCS requesting for amicable solution.

The Land Act 2007 prescribes resolving land disputes amicably before “resorting to legal recourse”. This is only possible with the involvement of a third party, which is NLCS by default.

Mandates and functions of Legal Services


  • Resolve land disputes and conflicts amicably at grassroots level, thereby curtailing serious conflicts and court procedures
  • Carry out investigations and field verifications
  • Liaise with the Courts


  • Carry out field investigations and case reviews
  • Submit findings to the Commission and Dispute Settlement Committee
  • Issue administrative decisions
  • Represent in the Courts
  • Review laws and regulations
  • Advise on legal implications and procedures

Core business

  • Arbitration of land disputes
  • Legal Advisory

Core products and services

  • Resolving land disputes
  • Legal advisory


i. Divisions

i. Disgruntled parties

Mode of service delivery

Mode of service delivery of Legal Services

Key Stakeholders

i. Divisions
ii. Local Government
iii. Courts
iv. Anti Corruption Commission
v. Royal Bhutan Police