Center for GeoInformation

In the year 2003, with the restructuring of the government, the role of the National GIS Coordination placed under the Department of Survey & Land Records under Ministry of Agriculture as the Centre for GIS Coordination. This technical coordination unit was formed to provide support to the National GIS Coordination Committee (NGISCC) with senior level representatives.

Mandates of Centre for GIS Coordination are:

  • The CGISC functions as the secretariat for National GIS Coordination Committee (NGCC)
  • Provide and mobilize technical backstopping to the GIS users
  • Initiate and coordinate workshop, Seminars and Conferences
  • Promote dissemination of geospatial information
  • Organize meetings of the NGCC and other working group on regular basis

Member Agencies of CGISC
1. National Land Commission(NLC)
2. Gross National Happiness Commission(GNHC)
3. Ministry of Work & Human Settlement
4. Thimphu Thromde(TT)
5. National Environment Commission(NEC)
6. Department of information and Technology(DIT), MoIC
7. Department of Hydropower and Power Systems(DHPS), MoEA
8. Department of Hydro-Met Services(DHMS),MoEA
9. Department of Geology and Mines(DGM),MoEA
10. National Soil Service Centre(NSSC), MoAF
11. Ministry of Education
12. Royal Audit Authority(RAA)
13. Election Commission of Bhutan(ECB)
14. National Statistical Bureau(NSB)
15. Bhutan Power Corporation(BPC)
16. Bhutan Telecom Limited
17. Department of Forest and Park Services(DoFPS),MoAF
18. Forest Resources Management Division(FRMD), MoAF
19. Department of Disaster Management(DDM),MoHCA
20. College of Natural Resource(CNR), Lobesa
21. Sherubtse College

32 members representing government agencies, corporations, institutes and NGOs