Urban Land Division


The Urban Land Division was formed in 2008, pursuant to the enactment of the Land Act 2007, for management and administration of registered land in urban areas. Prior to the enactment of the Land Act 2007 these responsibilities were vested with concerned Thromdes and the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement.

Each Thromde had their own Thram formats and land conveyance procedures. The Urban Land Division has standardized all urban Thrums and land conveyance procedures in line with the Land Act. Standard Lagthrams were issued in 2009.

Some of the main achievements of this Division are coordinating cadastral resurveys in four Thromdes and resolving numerous land disputes and pending cases through 14 rounds of High Level Committee Meetings instituted as per the command of His Majesty the King.

Mandates and functions of Urban Land Division


  • Manage, regulate and administer urban land


  • Custodian and management of urban Sa-Thrams
  • Carry out land conveyances through inheritance, sale-purchase, gifs, exchange, etc.
  • Issue Lagthrams
  • Implement Royal Kashos and Commands
  • Process private land acquisition
  • Process land compensations and land substitutes
  • Regulate land use regulations
  • Maintain land mortgage record and guarantee liens
  • Verify and resolve land issues, record discrepancies and disputes
  • Submit reports on land issues to the Commission
  • Verify and resolve excess-deficit and land use conflicts
  • Submit reports to the Courts and implement verdicts

Core products and services


  • Thromde Sathram
  • Lagthrams
  • Proof of landownership for visa processing


  • Land transactions
  • Thromde Sathrams management
  • Processing private land acquisitions for national interests
  • Processing land substitutes and compensations
  • Processing land allotment to Government Agencies and Religious Institutes
  • Field verifications for resolving discrepancies
  • Implementation of the decisions of the Commission and Dispute Settlement Committee
  • Implementation of the directives received from the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon


i. Cadastral Information Division (providing Thram details)
ii. Legal Section (providing Thram details)
iii. Rural Land Division
iv. Dzongkhags
v. Thromdes
vi. Ministry of Works and Human Settlement
vii. Ministry of Economic Affairs

i. Thram holders

Delivery of products/services to the customer

Delivery of products and services of ULD

Key stakeholders

i. Courts
ii. Dzongkhags
iii. Thromdes
iv. Financial Institutions
v. Ministry of Home And Cultural Affairs

Organizational structure

Organizational Structure of Urban Land Division

Strengths, weakness, challenges in delivering the services and products

Strengths, weakness, challenges in delivering the services and products

Linkage of service/products to the overall vision, mission of NLC

Rendering efficient and effective services and ensuring security of land tenure are linked to good governance